A Catalogue of the Egyptian Collection in the Fitzwilliam by Ernest Alfred Wallace Budge

By Ernest Alfred Wallace Budge

Because the first donations of Egyptian artefacts to the Fitzwilliam Museum, together with the sarcophagus lid of Rameses III donated in 1823, its historic Egyptian holdings have grown progressively. This assortment, now some of the most vital in Britain, used to be catalogued for the 1st time through Sir Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis Budge (1857-1934) of the British Museum's division of antiquities. Budge was once a number one authority on historic Egypt and had himself received a number of items for the museum in Egypt in 1886-7. the gathering as indexed during this 1893 e-book incorporated 577 items: sarcophagi, coffins, canopic jars, mummies, scarabs, sculptures, and different ornamental items. Budge supplied transcriptions and translations of the hieroglyphs that seem at the gadgets together with his descriptions of every merchandise. even if the gathering has been augmented by way of many additional presents and purchases, Budge's catalogue continues to be a important checklist of the gathering within the past due Victorian interval.

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Beneath the left wing of the goddess are:—1, hawk-headed god v ^ n ^ 11 Jj ^=74$ ^ 7 Heru se Auset neter da neb Madt, " Horus, son of Isis, great ,;, KZ? $ O $ I A c±\ Ansar neb Tj,ch h,eq t'etta. Ausar neb heh heq I'etta sebebi hefy em dlid-f. 3 f ^ 1 n -^s^0 I met an Nebthetnetersent drit liafyeniit pa nefcr tdt-s hetep xetneb nefer ab. 4 rj O "fe=f o A \ "= I < 2 = " drit \Ro\ fyent pa nefer td-s lietep- TA M Auset urt mut neter 32 INNER COFFIN OF NESI-PA-UR-SHEF. god, lord of law"; 2, god with f on his head; 3, urasus j/», with & o n his head; and 4, soul of the deceased offering incense ^f.

The god % ^=* [1 \ Ptah Seker Ansdr neter da, Q A < 3 > dJ 1 v " Ptah-Seker Ausar, great god," in the form of a hawk, 1 I) W . " INNER COFFIN OF NESI-PA-UR-SHEF. 25 wearing the atef crown with plumes, disk, and urffii, Mi§£, and Isis in a shrine. In front of the shrine is the deceased adoring Maat and presenting offerings. III. Horned ram neter a wearing disk, plumes, and uraei, n I i 1 I J\ ® & X madf, "the great god, living by law," and Nephthys in a shrine. In front of the shrine is the deceased offering fruit, flowers, cakes, and jars of wine to Maat IV.

Above are five lines of inscription which read:— 0 ^7 1 d an Auset urt mut neter arit Ra hent " Behold Isis, mighty lady, divine mother, daughter of Ra, mistress Amentet t'et - set of the underworld, says she, renem - a Weep I nek ab - a x e r for thee, heart my hath I ment pain. nuk set - k mert - k I am daughter thy, darling thy. _ 0 *^= i i i rer - a pa - k Go round I house thy, ^ - ^ Nefer Temti %u taiu Heru fyekennu neb ka td-fperxetu ta art ah, apt xet neb nefer ab %el ne^> nefert beneret MesBa neter da neb Amentet ta-f hetep t'ef Tuamautef td-ft etc.

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