A Grammar of Kalaallisut (West Greenlandic lnuttut) by Jerrold M. Sadock

By Jerrold M. Sadock

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Villadsen, Villads. 1979. MIS Disko-me kingornalo. Nuuk: Det Gr0nlandske Forlag.

They are also used non-emphatically in the direct case when the agreeing element is elided, as in short answers to questions as well as in contexts where the inflection is ambiguous. ABS/1,2s "in your house" A. Kia il/ua? " B. Uanga. 2 The third person inflection is optionally a syntactic term and, if it is a syntactic term, it is optionally a semantic argument. An overt third person term is therefore the actual term in syntax, the inflection in this case being purely an indicator of grammatical agreement.

Applicative=IND/1 s/3p". 5 Agentivizers create transitive verbs that form a single clause in syntax but contain two propositions in semantic structure. The affix counts as a predicate in semantics that has an agent subject and a propositional object with the meaning of the unagentivized clause. _ Arg I Predicate 1 The agentivizers in WG are: (-tit-) "cause, let", (-qqu-) "ask, request'', (-sugE-), (-nasugE-), and (-surE-) "think that", (-tsiq-) "wait for", (-t(s)aali-) "try to prevent", (-niraq-) "say", (-saaq-) "try to make it the case that".

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