Agypten und Levante XIX Egypt and the Levant XIX by Manfred Bietak

By Manfred Bietak

Aus dem Inhalt: Vorwort/Introduction von/by Manfred Bietak M. Bietak Farewell to Our nice and expensive good friend Paul Astrom D.A. Aston and B. Bader with a contribution via K.G. Kunst, Fishes, Ringstands, Nudes and Hippos - A initial file at the Hyksos Palace Pit complicated L81 M. Bietak und I. Forstner-Muller, mit einem Beitrag von F. van Koppen und okay. Radner, Der Hyksospalast bei Yell el-Daca. Zweite und Dritte Grabungskampagne (Fruhling 2008 und Fruhling 2009) M. Dijkstra, a main of the Bowmen, Overseer ofthe international Lands at Serabit el-Khadim (Sinai 300+297) P. Fuscaldo, The White Slip Wares from Dll el-Dabca, within the Palace District at cEzbet Helmi (Areas H/III and H/VI)

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4 cm. Bd. 4 cm. H. 3 cm. Md. 8 cm. Wd. 8 cm. 65 Restored from sherds, incomplete Surface colour: slip 5YR3/1 very dark gray Break: black core, grey reduction zones 19. 9004R. L81/1 FN 522 ZN 191/2006, Fig. 3, Pl. f W1 gef. ox 2–3 D. 9 cm. Bd. 2 cm. H. 5 cm. Md. 9 cm. Wd. 5 cm. 23 Restored from sherds, incomplete Surface colour: 5YR7/4 pink; burnish 5YR7/8 reddish yellow Horizontal burnish inside above carination and vertical burnish below carination. Exterior decorated in a striped pattern. Burnished cross on underside of base.

Rzeuska and A. Wodzinska are the organisers of these conferences. The first volume of Proceedings of the Old Kingdom Pottery Workshop in Warsaw, 20th to 21st of August 2007 is in print. , NORDSTRÖM and BOURRIAU, 1993, 180; BADER, 2001 (hereafter TD XIII), 41, Anm. 239. BADER, in print. 41 used. 59 Regions further afield are less likely to have received such material. ii. The Marl C ceramics of L81 The Marl C finds in pit complex L81 are of interest because many complete profiles could be recovered so they thus add to the known vessel typology, which is still expanding.

Finally the “frieze” is rounded off with two more small fish swimming in the direction of the lotus flowers. The first of these is somewhat unusual in that it has the normal long dorsal fin on the back, but also one long fin on the underbelly, which is somewhat unexpected. 83 78 79 80 81 82 Cf. also BIETAK, and FORSTNER-MÜLLER, 2007, 24. H. WILKINSON, 2003, 183–186. Cf. ALTENMÜLLER, 1965, passim. DAVIES, 1981; ROBBINS, 1997, 119–121. OSBORN and OSBORNOVÁ, 1998, 32–37. BEHRMANN, 1996, 21, quoting Grzimeks Tierleben XIII, 62.

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