Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking, 3rd edition by Allen Carr

By Allen Carr

Allen Carr's hundred-cigarettes-a-day dependancy drove him to depression, yet after numerous makes an attempt to surrender he came across what the realm have been anticipating - the simple solution to give up smoking. Now regarded because the world's major specialist on assisting people who smoke to give up, Allen Carr's informative, no scare strategies equipment and strategies are a revelation for these desirous to kick the behavior.

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Advertising men know well the power of suggestion over the subconscious mind, hence the large posters the smoker is hit with as he drives around, the adverts in every magazine. You think they are a waste of money? That they do not persuade you to buy cigarettes? You are wrong! Try it out for yourself. Next time you go into a pub or restaurant on a cold day and your companion asks you what you are having to drink, instead of saying, 'A brandy' (or whatever), embellish it with 'Do you know what I would really enjoy today?

You know that the ointment will remove it temporarily, but you are very worried. Will the sore eventually spread over your whole body? Will the interval disappear completely? You go to your doctor. He can't cure it. You try other things, but nothing helps except this marvelous ointment. By now you are completely dependent on the ointment. You never go out without ensuring that you have a tube of the ointment with you. If you go abroad, you make sure that you take several tubes with you. Now, in addition to your worries about your health, I'm charging you £100 per tube.

Whenever you see a cartoon or film or play in which people are about to be executed or shot, what is their last request? That's right, a cigarette. The impact of this does not register on our conscious minds, but the sleeping partner has time to absorb it. ' In every war film the injured man is given a cigarette. You think that things have changed recently? No. our children are still being bombarded by large hoardings and magazine adverts. Cigarette advertising is supposed to be banned on television nowadays, yet during peak viewing hours the world's top snooker players and darts players are seen constantly puffing away.

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