An introduction to human evolution by Deon Liles

By Deon Liles

This publication offers an Introductory method of Human Evolution.

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The competing hypothesis is the multiregional origin of modern humans. Some push back the original "out of Africa" migration—in this case, by Homo erectus, not by Homo sapiens—to two million years ago. History of the theory With the development of anthropology in the early 19th century, scholars disagreed vigorously about different theories of human development. Those such as Johann Friedrich Blumenbach and James Cowles Pritchard held that since the creation, the various human races had developed as different varieties sharing descent from one people (monogenism).

For example, Wells says that the early travelers followed the southern coastline of Asia, crossed about 250 kilometers [155 miles] of sea and colonized Australia by around 50,000 years ago. The Aborigines of Australia, Wells says, are the descendants of the first wave of migrations. It has been estimated that from a population of 2,000 to 5,000 in Africa, only a small group of possibly 150 people crossed the Red Sea. This is because, of all the lineages present in Africa, only the daughters of one lineage, L3, are found outside Africa.

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