Ancient Egypt: Anatomy of a Civilisation by Barry J. Kemp

By Barry J. Kemp

Thoroughly revised and up-to-date to mirror the most recent advancements within the box, this moment version of Barry J. Kemps well known textual content offers a compelling reassessment of what gave old Egypt its exact and enduring characteristics.
Ranging throughout historical Egyptian fabric tradition, social and fiscal reviews, and the attitude of its humans, the ebook additionally contains new chapters exploring the final ten centuries of old Egyptian civilization and who, in ethnic phrases, the ancients were.
Fully illustrated, the publication attracts on either old written fabrics and many years of excavation proof, reworking our figuring out of this impressive civilization. huge ranging but impressively specified, Kemp’s paintings is an quintessential textual content for all scholars of historical Egypt.

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We do not know what attitude the Egyptian population of the north had towards the Palestinians amongst them, nor how they felt about being ‘liberated’ by an aggressive Theban family from the south. The war against the Hyksos started by King Kamose of Thebes could equally be seen as a civil war for the advantage of Thebes rather than as a war of ‘national’ liberation. 55 The second major exception to the normal rapid loss of identifying archaeological characteristics by immigrants takes us to a much later period of history.

32. < previous page page_40 next page > < previous page page_41 next page > Page 41 had occurred, probably originating in the huge zone of the Sudanese Red Sea hills. Nor might it have been a quiet trickling in. 53 The people of pan-grave sites could have been the terror of their Egyptian neighbours. By the end of the Second Intermediate Period some of the cemeteries show increasing Egyptianization in grave goods and burial customs, pointing to the absorption of these small communities into the local population.

We have already encountered 1,554 as the number of Asiatics’ captured on a Middle Kingdom expedition. 30 We cannot, of course, check the reliability of these numbers. They are, however, hardly likely to be underestimates given that the purpose of the text was to record the achievements of the recently deceased king. Yet although hardly overwhelming they have to be set against the relatively small population of Egypt in antiquity. 31 Far larger figures are given for Amenhetep II’s second Palestinian campaign (Memphis stela), totalling around 100,000, including 36,300 Hurrians.

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