Arguments and Agreement by Peter Ackema, Patrick Brandt, Maaike Schoorlemmer, Fred

By Peter Ackema, Patrick Brandt, Maaike Schoorlemmer, Fred Weermann

This ebook explores the function of contract morphology within the morphosyntactic awareness of a verb's arguments. It examines the variations and parallels among configurational and nonconfigurational languages, languages that let pronoun drop merely specifically buildings, and languages which continuously require overt syntactic determiner words as arguments. those and comparable matters are explored within the context of quite a lot of languages. The e-book will curiosity linguists at graduate point and above excited by morphosyntactic idea, typology, and the interactions of syntax and morphology in several languages.

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We could even assume that agreement always realizes the subject argument (which would also make the theory more in line with some version of UTAH), even in non-pro-drop languages. If the referential properties of an argumental agreement affix are indeterminate because there is syncretism in the paradigm, the affix is anaphoric and must be bound by an overt subject in syntactic A-position. 2), such binding is not required, and the language will allow pro-drop. Such a proposal has various implications.

It may be that there is variation in the feature make-up used in agreement. The same point can be made with respect to the number of dimensions that must be distinguished in various languages. ) We will leave this matter open here. In this way, the microparametric and the macroparametric view are not mutually exclusive, but may actually be manifestations of a single parameter that can be set at different points in the feature hierarchy. In principle, the different views on the scope of the pro-drop parameter can be tested by testing the predictions they make with respect to the acquisition of the relevant phenomena.

5 Below I will show that only the system in which entire phrases project is viable, once we adopt the view that AGR may be contentless. This means that the Economy condition relevant to my proposal must be a condition on derivation rather than a condition on representation. In the case of a head with no intrinsic content, MERGE would have to take this head (assuming that the lexicon can include dummy heads) plus its complement and yield a new phrase marker. This is in violation of the principle of economy that we have suggested.

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