Astrophysics II: Stellar Structure / Astrophysik II: by Marshal H. Wrubel, H. C. Arp, G. R. Burbidge, E. Margaret

By Marshal H. Wrubel, H. C. Arp, G. R. Burbidge, E. Margaret Burbidge, Hans E. Suess, Harold C. Urey, Lawrence H. Aller, P. Ledoux, Th. Walraven, Armin J. Deutsch, E. Schatzman, Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin, F. Zwicky

Sects. 12, thirteen. 89 series and that subgiant and fainter stars in globular clusters have ultraviolet excesses. while facing stars whose actual homes are imperfectly lower than­ stood, comparable to in globular cluster stars, we won't depend too seriously at the empiri­ cal calibration through the categories of stars used to outline Fig. five, to figure out their real, unreddened U-B, B-V curve. but when via a mixture of arguments, largely the reddening within the zone of the celebrities we do recognized approximately, we will be able to assign a pretty possible unreddened U-B, B-V curve to a gaggle of stars approximately which we all know little, the argument can be circled. as a consequence a few info might be won in regards to the strength envelope of the celebrities by means of interpreting the variations among the traditional two-color index curves for the unknown team of stars in comparison to the recognized. as a rule there appear to be attainable explanations for various stars defining assorted general sequences within the U-B, B-V aircraft. One, the relative strength distribution within the continuum within the U, B and V photometry bands are varied. An instance of this is often the influence of the Balmer melancholy in supergiants. This, in fact, calls for deviation from black physique radiation curves for one or either teams of stars. This reason seems the dominant influence for extraordinarily blue, sizzling stars the place the melancholy of the continuum by way of absorption strains is at a minimum.

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26. 369 Mev level of N13 to stellar energies. The earlier measurements have been substantiated by very accurate measurements of low energy cross sections by LAMB and HESTER 1. 2) kev barns (26·3) in the center of mass system. BOSMAN-CRESPIN et al. 017 Ti) kev ± 17%. 945 Mev. 5 min. 720 Mev. 06 Mev level of N14. 1 ± 2) kev barns. 5) Recent preliminary measurements by LAMB and HESTER indicate a result larger by a factor of two. 542 Mev. N14(P, y) 0 15 : The rate of this reaction is the most uncertain in the carbon cycle.

Define the constant CM such that M(l) = CMM(O). 4) )(;(0). 0 , C e(O) eo 0 ' o e(l) - o - "0 where )(;~1) is the coefficient of the opacity equation in the star of mass Let us assume that the solution for star (1) would have a radius R(1) = CR R(O) MIl), etc. 6) = CT T(0); L (y(l») = CL L(y(O») ; y(1) = CR y(O) • T(l) We shall now show that the four differential equations of equilibrium will permit us to find four relations between CM' CP' C,,' C,' CR , Cp, CT ' and CL • Equivalently, we will be able to describe star (1) i~ teims of star (0).

10. He3 (0£. y) Be? will compete with He3 (He3 • 2P) He' when the temperatures are high and helium is abundant. Statements made in the following sections concerning the proton-proton chain will have to be modified to take into account the following alternative reactions: He3 (He3• 2P) He' or He3 or (0£. y) Be? (e- v) Li? (P. o£) He' He3 (0£. y) Be? (p. y) BS (,8+ v) Bes * (0£) He'. The carbon cycle involves C12 as a catalyst which reappears at the end of the cycle: C12 (p. y) NI3 NI3 ({J+ v) C13 (13 (p.

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